Call for Volunteers and Sponsors

Call for Volunteers and Sponsors

On Jan 1st, we announced two events: The Accessible World Conference and evoHaX, that we'd be organizing this year (hopefully as part of Philly Tech Week 2016). To recap:

The Accessible World is the first conference in Philadelphia that will provide a platform to several students, professionals and researchers to share their work on making this world a more accessible place. This conference will cover various different tracks such as technology, education, government initiatives, etc. and will attract nationwide as well as international audience. This two day conference will give way to our third evoHaX - Hackathon on Accessible Technologies, which will make it a four day event. More information on The Accessible World and evoHaX is being finalized. Tentative details are as follows:

The Accessible World dates: 28-29th April. (Location: TBD)
evoHaX dates: 30th April - 1st May. (Location: TBD)

To make this happen, we need your support. This is our call for volunteers and sponsors.

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Created: 6 January, 2016

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