About Us

What is EvoXLabs?

EvoXLabs (eee-vox-labs) is an initiative dedicated to bridging the gap between technology and people with disabilities. We research and develop universally designed state of the art tools to improve Web Accessibility, and run projects such as evoHaX, FAWN, SCI Video Blog and The Accessible World Conference to improve lives.

How did EvoXLabs come into being?

Ather Sharif, the Founder of EvoXLabs, became a quadriplegic due to a tragic car accident in March 2013. Ather, at that time had been a web developer for seven years. After being disabled and understanding the limitation people with disabilities face particularly in accessing information on the Web, Ather concentrated his Masters thesis on Web Accessibility and founded EvoXLabs to bring the tech community, researchers and people with disabilities in Philadelphia to advocate and work together to achieve universal web design.

EvoXLabs has since evolved from targeting just Web Accessibility to Accessible Technologies. Ather's idea and determination attracted several volunteers and organizations in Philadelphia who support and contribute their time and energy to make projects like evoHaX happen.

What is the end goal?

EvoXLabs was founded with one simple dream: Make the world a more accessible place through technology. It's a grassroot effort trying really hard with the support from volunteers and organizations to convert this dream into reality. Even though there's a long road ahead, EvoXLabs is proud to have planted the seed and would water it for as long as it needs watering.

EvoXLabs welcomes several community initiatives and research projects that require funding. Please consider donating so we can continue and welcome more of such initiatives. Get more information on how to make a donation.

Join us to bridge the gap between technology and people with disabilities. It matters.