Why do we recommend jQuery Migrate Plugin

Why do we recommend jQuery Migrate Plugin

We've all been that road, haven't we? When the Gods of jQuery will unleash hell upon us and our console is filled with errors. Even though the code seems alright or is copy-pasted from a valid source, it just doesn't want to work. Reason? Deprecated functions (well, mostly). Okay, so why can't we just include an older jQuery library? Because then the newer jQuery functions won't work. Solution: jQuery Migrate Plugin.

We recommend the usage of jQuery Migrate Plugin, as we include the latest jQuery library for our tools, which may or may not be the library used on your website. This will ensure the proper working of your present code as well as the code of the tools found on our site.

For more information and documentation, visit jQuery Migrate Github Page.

Created: 6 December, 2014

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